VISITORS: Southbridge Townhomes Association, Inc. is the owners association for a community comprised of 50 attached residences -- townhomes -- that are situated in eight (8) buildings located on West Jamison Circle in Littleton, Colorado 80120.

For ease of reference, below are the street numbers for these buildings:

210 -- 319 -- 329 -- 330 -- 339 -- 340 -- 349 -- 350

West Jamison Circle

Real Estate Professionals, Title Companies and Lenders:

Before you contact Southbridge Townhomes Association or its community manager, please be sure the street number for the residence of concern is l isted above.

If the unit street address you are looking for is not identified above but has an address on West Jamison Circle, you may be looking for a different owners association.   Southbridge Terraces is nearby townhome community with unit addresses on West Jamison Circle.   

     Contact information for Southbridge Terraces:

     Southbridge Terraces Association Inc.
     c/o Cherry Creek HOA Professionals
     14901 E Hamden Avenue #320
     Aurora, CO  80014
     (303) 693-2118